Real Estate Sales & Accounting

Who better to list your property than your real estate tax advisor? Whether it’s just you or several beneficiaries involved, we’ll help you navigate both the tax advantages and risks from planning to sale.

We Know Real Estate

Owning real estate is a reliable and profitable way to invest. Even when the market experiences a down-turn, it always seems to bounce back, sometimes with extraordinary gains for estate owners. As experts, we help you navigate the complicated real estate tax code to maximize your advantages and avoid risk. As licensed real estate agents, we’ll even list the property for you, helping you make the right decisions throughout the sale.

To say that the real estate tax code is a bit complicated is an understatement. It’s our job to not only understand real estate accounting, but to communicate it to you so you understand the risks and advantages of owning, buying, selling, renting and managing real estate. From high net worth real estate and 1031 exchanges to Airbnb startups and long-term rentals, the Messari Group is not only your accounting team, but your trusted advisor and listing agent.

We Communicate with you

You don’t need to know all the intricacies of your real estate taxes. That’s what you hire us for, but we want to make sure you understand your position so we communicate with you regularly so you know what’s going on.

If you’re deciding whether or not to sell or buy, we’re the ones who will give you the tax implications and help you determine if it’s a wise business decision. We’re forward-thinking so if there is any risk or deadlines, you’ll know in plenty of time to take the appropriate action.

Real estate accountants not only need to be experts in real estate tax, but they need to communicate with you as well. We’re always accessible and believe most problems can be avoided with proper planning and communication. That’s what sets the Messari Group apart from other accounting firms.