Client/Accountant Priviledge

Internal Revenue Code Section 7525 establishes an accountant-client privilege. The accountant-client privilege provides a privilege concerning tax advice in the form of confidential communications between Client, the taxpayer, and Messari Group, Ltd, a federally authorized tax practitioner. Privilege may be asserted in any noncriminal tax matter before the IRS and proceeding in Federal court with respect to such tax matter. Client is solely responsible for identifying, notifying Messari Group, Ltd of Client’s intent to invoke the privilege, and maintenance of the privilege.


We don’t just fill out a tax form, our goal is to reduce your tax burden and be your defense against an IRS audit.  That means we take a holistic approach in understanding your financial position and how it applies to the tax code.

  • Estimate Taxes
  • Tax research
  • Tax planning
  • Tax preparation

Client Advisory

A year long journey that ends with the filing of a tax return. It starts by making sure the accounting is correct and continues through the year by generating financials, estimating taxes, overseeing the bookkeeping, and audit representation.

  • Accountant
  • Controller
  • CFO
  • CPA

Property Management Accounting

Unlike the property manager, the property accountant has tax responsibilities that can include multiple states and jurisdictions. Staying on top of the tax code and ensuring you are compliant is our top mission.

  • AirBnB
  • VRBO
  • Long term leases
  • The sharing economy (Uber & Lyft)