Client Advisory Services

The relationship you have with your accountant is critical to your business. Choose a firm with a proven track record for reliable advice, dependable communication and unwavering accuracy. Choose the Messari Group.

A Proactive Accounting Solution

The biggest complaint we hear from new clients is that their previous accountant was reactive instead of proactive. Often, they only heard from them when there was a problem to address.

At the Messari Group, our goal is to ensure you understand your bookkeeping enough to avoid risk and maximize your tax advantages. This means we communicate with you often, providing solutions before they become problems.

It’s our commitment to good communication and risk avoidance that makes us stand out from other accounting firms. As such, you’ll benefit from our virtual CFO services such as financial statement preparation as well as integration of accounting processes with your business operations. And if a problem does occur, then we’re right there with you and will even represent you to the IRS if necessary.

Virtual/Fractional CFO Services

Getting the Books Right! The Steward of the business. Preserve the assets of the business by minimizing risk.

Rather than offering a standard accounting solution, our services are tailored to meet the priorities of business owners. It starts with an initial consultation and ensure your books are right.
Many small business owners struggle with their bookkeeping. Messari Group helps you understand your accounting with one single mission—to ensure your books are correct.

Only when the books are “right” can you cut costs, grow revenue, and tighten controls. And, strictly adhering to regulatory requirements is our professional and fiduciary duty.

Accounting Personalized to Your Needs

A Holistically Integrated Accounting Solution for Your Business Operations

Every business is different. Before we do anything, we get to know you, your business and your business goals to help us develop a custom approach to your accounting.

Factoring tax into every business decision is especially important to you as a small business owner. We work with you to help integrate your accounting operation so that it’s efficient and works the way you do. You concentrate on your operations; we focus on the tax implications, reviewing them with you quarterly.

From loan and rental property consulting to unique business situations, we make sure your accounting is right.